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Although Andrew Beierwaltes and Neil Lipsky have many more years of investment experience, they have been working together as a team since 1997.  Together they offer a vast breadth and depth of knowledge which they will apply to your very personal, focused financial goals.  While they remain associated with Equitable Advisors, they are now doing business under the name of BLU-STAR Strategic Advisors.

BLU-STAR Strategic Advisors is Andy and Neil's vision and practice of an ongoing multi-faceted approach to investment planning.  Like the points of a star, BLU (Beierwaltes, Lipsky and You) will work together through a process of Discovery, Analysis, Recommendations, Implementations, and Ongoing Reviews.  Just as your life stages and challenges are always in motion, so will your financial goals and concerns.  Our ongoing process will ensure that we address and plan for the future together, so that you can feel comfortable with your portfolio, even as life and the economy are in flux.

In recent years, Luke Maciorowski and Slavek Laskowski have joined our team.  They have been working as a team with Equitable for over 16 years.  Now they bring their experience to our group, giving us more availability to our clients, as well as the ability to communicate with Polish-speaking clientele.