BLU - Beierwaltes, Lipsky and U!

Andy Beierwaltes and Neil Lipsky with their combined breadth of  knowledge of investments, life insurance and retirement planning...and you...just the right team to develop, implement and manage the financial plan that suits you and your future goals.  Andy and Neil are proud to welcome fellow Equitable Advisors, Luke Maciorowski and Slavek (Steve) Laskowski to the BLU-Star Strategic Advisors team.  Luke and Slavek each have more than 14 years experience in the financial industry with Equitable Advisors.  For more information about Andy, Neil, Luke and Slavek click on About Us and Our Firm.

Our team offers a multi-dimensional approach to financial planning.  Like the points on a star, we go through a multi-faceted approach of discovery, analysis, recommendations, implementation, and ongoing reviews, to design an investment plan uniquely for you.